wonderwoman pole dance

imagegot my wonder woman shirt goin on and heading out to fight some leukemia! had a great valentnes day yesterday. my wonderful husband managed to get saputos to deliver filets, baked pototes and veggies to the hospital. He’s amazing. i am so thankful to all of you hwo have made this a beautiful beginning to a horrific turn of events. please don’t stop praying for healing and recovery and peace of mind and heart for my family. we are all just trying to take it a day at  time, which is all we csn ever do anyway, right? God is in this and we trust him. May you join us in that.

7 thoughts on “wonderwoman pole dance”

  1. Rockin that pole sister! Lol. I am STANDING with you in this friend. I began weeping over you last night as I worshipped the Lord and prayed over you…… JESUS HAS DEFEATED DEATH & DISEASE……holds No power over us who are IN CHRIST! In the Mighty Name Of Jesus speaking HEALING OVER YOU MY SISTER!

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