Blake update #2

We  really need to keep those prayers coming.  When we started this j0urney the docs told us that 2 weeks after chemo ended, H would bottom out.  Well, we hit 2 weeks yesterday, and this is certainly a new low and we hope and pray that it indeed is the bottom.  H has developed a bowel issue and a lung issue related to having a compromised immune system (the result of the chemo).  Yesterday they moved her to the ICU unit to enable them to more aggressively monitor and treat her systems and an infection that has recently shown up.  Our oncologist has repeatedly told us that we are still within the range of “normal” as it relates to filling one’s body with poison (chemo), but it is certainly in the low range.  So please pray that we can get rid of  the infection, the bowel inflammation will calm down and her breathing  return to normal.  At that point her recovery from the chemo can start in full swing.  Additionally, this is hard on family and friends.  We need peace and strength.

She can’t have visitors right now but know that the notes, txts, cards, emails, etc are such a blessing.  The endless stream of food is a blessing.  The countless doc and nurse friends who help us navigate this are a blessing.  Shout out to Bill Moore who sent H 100 red roses today.  It was very sweet.  And a shout out to the Zara’s for detailing our cars for us.  When H gets out she will be highly susceptible to dust, mold, etc and it’s winter and we have kids and our vehicles are like a petri dish.  H will come home in a couple weeks to clean cars.

Anyway, please keep those prayers going.  We found out that a family friend in AZ who works in a homeless ministry, through my uncle’s church, has the homeless in the park praying for H.  That so touches my heart.  I picture the tax collector in Jesus’ story huddled in the corner of the temple praying.  Jesus says God heard his prayer because of his broken humility.  God may hear those homeless men’s prayers a little clearer than the rest of us with our baggage of pride and self-sufficiency.  But truthfully, selfishly, I hope He hears them all as it relates to H!  And deep down, I know He does!

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    1. Hurting with you guys. Praying for strength and healing. She is a fighter, I know God will give her enough fight.

  1. Thank you Blake……I am FERVENTALLY PRAYING for Heather for HEALING & RESTORATION IN HER BODY! Asking God for an increased Reality of Peace and Strength to rise up in you and your kids. So PRECIOUS and POWERFUL THE PRAYERS OF THOSE WHO know what it means to be BROKEN and in a place of Complete Sufficiency in Christ ALONE!!! Bless you guys…..much Love & Prayers continue for you ALL!

  2. Please know that Duane and I have not stopped praying. Our prayers now are for all the care and treatment to be productive and bring about the desired outcome so that Heather can begin the recovery from chemo, and for your kids, this must be confusing and frightening for them.

  3. I am in constant prayer for Heather and her family. Our church is praying too. I have also put her on The 700 Club prayer chain. My heart goes out to everyone. I believe in a God that heals. Jesus healed everyone who came to Him. May He answer quickly! He is faithful.

  4. Blake, we are constantly praying for Heather to be healed….for God to give you strength and faith….for protection for your kids….God’s blessing for all. God is good.

  5. Blake, we are constantly praying for Heather to be healed….for God to give you strength and faith….for protection for your kids….God’s blessing for all. God is good.
    Becky Storms

  6. Blake, Heather and your family are in my prayers, daily. Your post reminds me of a devotion I read today that said that a blessing is not always easy, painless, or comfortable, but often comes because we have to cry out to God in desperation. I know you are feeling his presence in your lives. He will get you through this and answer our prayers.

  7. Yes, we are fervently praying for you all and appreciate the update. We know that we serve a big God and can change all circumstances very soon.

  8. Thank you for the update….absolutely breaks my heart. Again, please tell her we love her a sooo much and miss her like crazy. Sending you all love and prayers.

  9. Please let Heather know how much I love her and am praying for her. I pray she feels peace in the midst of the storm.

  10. Heather and family,

    Brooklynn has kept us updated with the prayers at school, but wanted to let you know we are lifting you up in prayer as well. You are a strong and amazing woman. You will beat this!

    God bless!!!

    April and family.

  11. Praying for you! I know it is hard as the care taker to watch someone we love be so sick! We went through chemo and stem cell transplant with my brother having cancer 4 times. He is doing well and the drs say he is a miracle – we know it’s God

    May God give you strength and comfort and His peace. Lueda Green

  12. Carrying you all in prayer. Have you posted an address for the hospital? Either way, can you do it again? 🙂

  13. John and I are praying for Heather and your family. May hope and peace surround you in the journey. God’s love and protection over your kids, too.

  14. Blake and Heather. Continued prayers! A friend posted this gal’s website and after I read several of her daily comments, I thought you both might enjoy her writing. She is battling cancer. Michele

  15. Our hearts go out to Heather and family. Praying God will heal her and that she will get out of ICU real soon.

  16. Blake and Heather, you remain in our prayers as well as your kiddos. God’s got this, and he has a plan. Am looking forward to see what God’s doing through you.

    Bill and Dianne Kinzer

  17. Emma- The Curtis family is continuing to pray for healing as your mom battles leukemia as well as strength & peace for you and your family. We are way too familiar with extended stays in MMC and if you ever need a listening ear or a special treat delivery (aka Sonic Slush with Nerds candy), please don’t hesitate to send me a text. 😉 -Stacy Curtis & family

  18. Blake, I don’t know whether you remember me or not. We’ve moved to Florida, but went to Hope. I went through cancer in 2008 (Breast cancer) and the church was amazing in supporting and caring for me. I spoke about my experience one Sunday morning. I want you to know that I have walked the very hard road Heather is walking. I, too, bottomed out. More than once. Spent time in the neutropenia ward. I won’t go through all the gory details, I will just say it was awful, and scary, and traumatic for me, my family, my friends. I only found out about Heather a couple of days ago. I am so so sorry. And I want you to know I am praying, and I have others praying. I know what it’s like to be so sick you can’t pray yourself. You can’t even think, much less pray. I know what it’s like to have others stand in the gap for you. That is what I am doing now: standing in the gap. She is on my mind constantly. And I will pray until she gets through this. Please keep us posted on exactly what is going on so we can all pray more effectively and specifically. May God surround you with His peace, His comfort, His love. You have a mighty army praying with you. Barbara Maxwell

  19. Praying for you and your family. Haley remembers Bennett and Emma well. Calling you all out by name, praying for strength, rest, resilience, and healing.

  20. Heather… My heart is so heavy after reading Blakes blog. As a mom, i have no words, only sentences i dont know how to finish. As my friend, you have always been that special person who brought me to Christ… As your friend in Christ i find myself praying for you and your family all day long. We are praying for you in Bible study, my boys pray for you every meal and every night before bed… What is most special to me, is that my kids are praying because YOU taught me to pray and you taught me how to love God and for that i am eternally grateful.❤️ i just wanted you to know how much i love you, but more importantly how much God loves you! God bless you and keep you. Love You Tracy

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