Blake update #4

This was my wife on a recent trip with my sis (H on right).  h brett

This was H last week:

h hospital

Terrifying in an absolute sense.  I’ve grown to hate Leukemia.  The good news is that she has bounced back.  Her blood is getting healthier every day.  Her infection is gone.  She is completely off ALL tubes and lines except her main line.  Her lungs are rocking.  No oxygen needed.  Her tummy is getting better every day.  It is an unspeakable relief.  All that said, we are still in for a long road.  Her hair started falling out Sun, and though we knew this could happen (and no one but H cares), it has been hard for her.  I don’t mean this to be crass but hair is symbolic to women, of their femininity.  I imagine she is feeling something of what a woman who has had a mastectomy or a man had his testes removed due to cancer might feel.  It strikes at the core of identity.  So pray for her heart about that.  Additionally, we have more chemo to come as well as a trip to Barnes in STL for a bone marrow transplant consultation.  Both of these are standard the treatment of leukemia but they represent many more ups and downs or several more months.  So, please keep praying.  Thank you all.

14 thoughts on “Blake update #4

  1. Will definitely keep praying!!! Oh my gosh Blake I’m going to have to start praying for you for posting that pic lol! Good news though about her improvement! God’s got you all in his hands !

  2. I am so thankful for the updates. I love Heather very much and she has been in the front of my mind and the top of my prayers. I’m thankful that she is surrounded by family and friends that love Christ. I truly believe in a healing God. I truly believe that He is faithful. I truly believe that in the midst of our hardest trials He is there holding us.
    I have had several girlfriends go through chemo and lose their hair and the good news is that it grows back usually even more luxurious than before! So tell her to be patient, those lovely locks will return. She is beautiful with or without hair!
    Hug, kisses, lots and lots of prayer and plenty of faith in our loving God!

  3. Prayers without ceasing. Heather looks beautiful in both pictures to me, but you will probably pay dearly for posting the second one! love you Miss Pretty.

  4. Blake, you have our ongoing prayers and all our hope for a successful transplant ahead. Heather and your family are the ones I pray for each time I wake up during the night when the night is silent and God’s presence is so rich. Please let us know what other ways we can help.

  5. I hate Cancer, in every way shape and form. In my lifetime I have seen this happen to many people, to many times, these pictures brought tears. I will continue to pray for Heather, you and all your kids. God is good, in Heathers words…He has this. Thank you for your continuing updates. God bless.

  6. As always, you are the center of prayer, thoughts and fond memories. You are one of my Heroes and I will be with you as long as I draw breath. LOVE YOU! let me know when you need grapefruit, OR anything else. 😉

  7. Heather is in my heart and on my mind daily. Will continue to pray for her and your entire family.

  8. Heather, Blake, Berkley, Emma, Bennett: Love to you all. We think of you often anyway, more often because of all this. Blake, I doubt God has the power to make you a “sweet” person, but you are veering in that general direction. Heather, kick it. Can’t wait to see you guys soon.

  9. I know it has to be emotionally hard for Heather to lose her hair, but it will allow he inner beauty to shine that much more! She is a beautiful, Christian woman, and hair has very little to do with it. We can all join her in rocking some expressive hats, wraps and wigs in the near future. And her hair will come back once she and God have defeated this! Sending prayers and love to you all daily!

  10. Blake, I know that H probably would rather not be seen as she is not well, but Thank You for the photo. It places such a Stronger urgency to pray for her healing even though I have been praying. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings as we continue to seek God for you and the kids as well as Heather.

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