Blake update #6

This is #6 because there are two #4’s and my brain is maxed out and I can’t count.  Anyway, we’ve had some very good days lately.  H feels better and better each day.  Eating, moving, etc all are on the upswing.  We’ve also had some unexpected special moments.  Bennett has gone to the Lincoln Christian University basketball camp the last few summers, so the team made a surprise visit to cheer up Heather and support Bennett (in the red sweatshirt). Featured image It was a very tender moment.  These LCU kids and coaches are the real deal.

Another bright spot for our family is that Heather came home yesterday!!!Featured image  It’s been a long 32 days.  We are so excited to have her home.  Except the cat Sunny Day.  She seems to be holding onto resentment that mommy was gone.

Prayer updates:

1.  Biopsy happened yesterday.  We should find out results Wed.  Pray it’s clean.

2. Our Barnes trip was pushed to Fri.

3. We go back in to see the Oncologist a week from today (on 3/17).  If her blood counts are good (which we expect them to be) she will begin round 2 of chemo very shortly after (like, within the next day or 2).  That will mean another 5 days in the hospital and feeling crummy.  We pray there will be no complications this time around.

Finally, she is going to the wig shop today.  I’m saying she goes with jet black or Pam Anderson platinum blonde.  Go big or go home!  🙂

7 thoughts on “Blake update #6

  1. I love these updates and so look forward to them (to hear of God’s healing hand). You all are in my prayers daily. Sending tons of love.

  2. I didn’t mean to be Anonymous (above) Prayers from Colleen Brost & family in FL (where it is a beautiful 79 degrees!)

  3. I vote for Pam Anderson blonde. Keep smiling God didn’t make California girls with dark hair, just dark roots. Your special and we love you, but more importantly so does He.

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