image image image imageMy outing yesterday with my Driver ( Roberto First) and friend Miss Carol First. We went to Hyvee ( i even went in the store with a Mask on…Carol insisted they were staring cuz i looked like a movie star, rather than an Ebola carrier with a yellow mask on). I haven’t been in a store since Feb 5th. Also made a stop at Smash Burger ( for sweet potato fries and regular fries-because I can). Blake says I sound like I am 90 when I tell him I went on an “outing”. Thank you to  my dear friends for the outing. I also drove last night for the first time since Feb.6th. Thank you to Deb Thomas for risking her life to go with me ( Blake said we couldn’t afford for both of us to go down so he politely declined to ride with me). Still feeling great today. Weird. Guess I’ll just go with it.

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  1. this is so funny…when someone sees a person wearing a mask, they think you may give them something…not that you are fragile and may CATCH something!! glad you had an outing Miss Daisy!! Ha Ha….luv, Karen

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