So, I feel like Bella from Twilight ( only it will take me 5 hours to get my fill of blood).  She’s a vampire in a vampire movie, in case you are over 13.  After I gave blood yesterday ( which I do 3 days a week) they determined that I needed 2 units of blood today. This morning I was really feeling it. I was winded after taking a shower and had to lay down to recover.  Light headed, a little nauseous, and weak, we made it to the infusion lab to get hooked up. I feel lucky that this will help. There is a 19 yr old boy across from me that mentioned to the nurse that he has had whatever he has since he was 10 and has had his colon removed as well as parts of his bowel, his intestines and a few other surgeries. He was patient and kind to the nurses who had to call in a specialist to get his blood because every place they stuck him wouldn’t work. There is always someone who has it harder-no matter what I am suffering through. God is in control of it all and gives us the peace and strength that doesn’t make sense to get through it. Grateful, thankful  and humble.

8 thoughts on “Twilight

  1. You are prettier than Bella, and I’m sure much less broody and dramatic! I am praying for you, and now I’m adding that 19 boy to my list. Keep having a sense of humor, and keep seeing God’s work and healing in your life. I live you.

  2. Amen….. Some one is always in dire need much more than I… No matter my circumstance…. Nothing to complain about, Nothing to be sad about, am always treated much better than I deserve….. 😉 love u Heather

  3. You have the best attitude and will continue to keep you held up in prayer (along with the 19yr old)

  4. You’re such a strong lady Heather. Your positive attitude and faith, along with prayers from so many, will get you through this. I pray that God’s people will continue to be there to provide encouragement and healing when you need it.

  5. Praying that God will continue to sustain you through all of this, as well as the young boy you met. Our God is awesome and He loves you. He will see you through this long journey, and many of us will be praying you and your family through it daily also.

  6. May God continue to give you strength, some day I will tell you my story about my journey when I was 21 and thought I had lung cancer, spent 6 months at St John’s TB Sanitorium!

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