playing “dress-up’…

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getting gussied up for my blood and platelet transfusion. Sometimes you just need a simple reason. wanna use my mascara while i still have eyelashes! Did i tell ya’ll that I ordered makeup on QVC while i was in ICU at about 3:00am? Yessir. It’s true. First and last time. It just made sense (while I was on morphine). Amazingly, I was cognizant enough to give them my address and credit card from memory. Sort of scary.

5 thoughts on “playing “dress-up’…

  1. Lol! Literally! You look beautiful! Don’t you know that eyelashes come in a kit these days? No worries! I love that you are keeping your wonderful sense of humor. And I love that you shopped online for some makeup! Watching the shopping network can be dangerous!

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