Easter Miracles: Jesus is risen…and so have my blood counts!

Thank you to all who have been praying that I turn a corner and can go home for Easter. I haven’t talked to doctors to get the final word, BUT I know all my counts needed to go UP to get out. Check it out ( even though you may not understand what each of these things means in the scheme of normal  body function, you can see the jump in numbers and rejoice with me!) numbers are actually in thousands even though they read .5 etc.

White blood cell count: has been .5 (500) ( or under since i arrived. ) TODAY: 3.3 (3,300) ( .8 yesterday!)

Absolute neutrophils: has been .1 or under since i arrived. TODAY: 2.8 ( in NORMAL person range)

Platelets: 47 ( have not been over  37 and were 14 yesterday)

Hemoglobin: 10.6: yesterday was 8. ( under 8.6 they give me a unit of blood)

Blood pressure has been over 100 on top number the last 3 times but had been running under for the past few days.

But i trust in you, O lord; I say, “you are my God. MY TIMES ARE IN YOUR HANDS.” Ps.31:14,15

HAPPY EASTER FRIENDS! Love and gratitude to you all.

11 thoughts on “Easter Miracles: Jesus is risen…and so have my blood counts!

  1. Hoot! Ron and I prayed that you’d get to come home last night (actually, this morning at 1am). I have been saying to your white blood cell count and blood pressure, “In the name of Jesus rise!” LOL! Feeling very evangelistic! Have a wonderful Easter. Hear the bells ringing, they’re singing that you can be healed right now!
    Love, Denise

  2. 🙂 Glad they are rising!

    I’m very familiar with the hemoglobin count – glad they didn’t threaten me with transfusion until it got to 7.4.

  3. God bless you & your family today;) Happy Easter….Keep up the Faith…God is Good…all the time..hugs

  4. Great news! Have been praying specifically for your blood counts and pressure to rise this weekend so you can be home soon! Praying you and your family can enjoy an Easter celebration soon all together at home! Keep up that Wonder Woman smile and spirit!

  5. Praise Jesus! I’m so thankful that you’ll get to spend this glorious day of our Lord’s resurrection with your family. Enjoy Berkley! Love you sister.

  6. We aRe praising God with you and praying for complete healing for you. Have a blessed day.

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