leukemia plan update:

i have been out of the hospital for my second round of chemo for 5 days now. as expected, on this exact day my white blood cells and neutrophils ( which make me highly susceptible to infections and germs) are bottomed out. Hopefully i can avoid a fever which would require another hospital stay.

when my counts recover ( probably by next week) and I am feeling good again, they will schedule a biopsy. the results will be sent to Seattle where they can look at the molecular status of my bone marrow. If there is ANY trace of Leukemia at that point they will start the transplant process. If it’s clear, they will do 2 more rounds of chemo and call it a day ( hopefully). So, in a nutshell that’s the plan, but we all know we are not in control so they can always change. I hold things loosely and trust God for the results.

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  1. Good girl, Heather! Glad to hear there is hope and want to encourage you to hang in there. Your attitude amazes me and I pray you can dig your heels in, stand firm in your faith, and remember that God can do the impossible. So whatever the doctors tell you, that’s not the final word. Only God has that privilege. I pray for you every night and I have faith in God’s healing power, too. I love your blog and read every entry. I pray also for Blake and the kids, knowing this has to be a strain on them and your parents as well. May the Holy Spirit enfold you and keep you safe and secure in the loving arms of our Heavenly Father. Every morning, I thank God for giving me the gift of another day of life. I pray you will do that, too.

    Love, Joyce Williams

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