I like my mom…

I figure we all need a break from yesterday’s entry. So, a simple, direct statement. “I LIKE my mom.” Some of you know and like her too. She has been with me since my diagnosis, staying more days here than at her own house. I suspect she is just pacing the floor, waiting to come back when she isn’t here (maybe that’s wishful thinking…). But we have a great time together. We watch movies, eat junk food and go for walks and shop when I can go out in public. I enjoy having her around. She waits on me hand and foot ( though i didn’t even have to use the “cancer card” on that one. she has always done that). She cleans and cooks until i tell her to sit down and take a break. She is selfless and doting and my siblings, kids, Blake and my dad all believe she’s a saint.

You may wonder why I am not saying “i LOVE my mom.”  Well, because there are frankly a lot of people that we LOVE that we don’t really LIKE.  It’s an extra bonus if you LIKE your family. Many of you might think that having your mom or family around non-stop, even when you have a life-threatening disease, sounds harder and more stressful than doing it on your own. That’s pretty common. But i really LIKE my mom, and here is some other GOOD NEWS a very wise pastor said in a sermon ( I LIKE him too…a LOT šŸ™‚ )….”God doesn’t just LOVE you. He also LIKES you.”  It’s easy to believe God loves us, because that’s His Job. His nature. He really doesn’t have a choice, does he? But it take’s it to a whole other level if you can believe he LIKES you. Enjoys you. He wants to hang out and watch movies, eat junk food and go for walks and shop with you. That’s a big shift in my head and heart if I can remind myself of that. I hope it is for you too.

BTW-thank you mommy.  I like you very much. šŸ™‚

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  1. I like your mom also — and you dad, Blake, your in-laws, your kids, pretty much everyone in your family I have met! God must REALLY like you to bless you with such an amazing family, friends and support system. We can all see how you and God are growing a special bond through this — thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights with us. Continuing to pray for you all daily! Like you!

  2. Hi Heather,this is Lanny. I hope you keep this blog. After you kick leukemia in the butt. You have some very good things to say. I enjoy reading , they help me . Thanks.

  3. Very touching, different way to look at things. You say some very deep things, a lot of time to think! Luv & keep up the good work!

  4. Heather, I second that about your Mom. You are so very blessed to have a mom like Peg!

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