power of suggestion?

so, today I was NOT neutropenic! That means that I could go in public and visit people away from my home! So after i had bloodwork done, despite the fact that my Platelets were tanked, I went straight upstairs to visit my friend Lanny’s wife who works at  the Simmon’s cancer Institute. Lanny also has AML and came to visit me often when I was in the hospital the first time. Also, as a result of Lanny reaching out to me, I went over to the 2nd floor oncology and visited with a man who came in with AML while i was in the hospital last. Blake and I figured out that i have been in the hospital 47 out of 60 days and that this last 2 weeks will be the longest time i have been home consecutively.

imageAnyway- i started writing on a much more inspiring topic while I was getting Platelets today at 1. This ended up taking until 5:30 even though it was supposed to be done in about an hr. The main reason was because I broke out in hives ! I had an allergic reaction due to the fact that the nurse kept asking me if i was itchy or had hives. Eventually I think the power of suggestion caused me to get them! 🙂 As a result they gave me IV benadryl, atovan and steroids to make it go away before i could go home. My great topic degenerated in to a fog of weird and blurry words and thoughts. Then, I exited because it wasn’t making sense and didn’t save it so NOW  it will have to wait til tomorrow because I am too sleepy and  shallow to think tonight. I am home and rash free so I am grateful. (emma inserted the cute kitty picture.)

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