Update on Biopsy…

So-more good news: my blood counts are all phenomenal ( my neupogen shots that I had to give myself in the stomach jump started my immune system) which means i can have my biopsy THURSDAY if everything looks the same on Wednesday. They will send the results to Washington (to a place that can look even closer at the molecular structure of the marrow). If there is ANY TRACE of Leukemia at that point, they will start the transplant process immediately. If NO TRACE, we do 2 or 3 more rounds of Chemo ( 5 days in hospital each time, with a couple of weeks in between) and call it a day. Please pray for clear answers about how to proceed and that if i need a transplant that my brother or sister will be a match. Thanks friends!

3 thoughts on “Update on Biopsy…”

  1. Heather, all of your blogs have helped me so much, keep your words coming. get them out of your brain….they need to come out. Like I said before, some day when you feel better I will tell you about my illness when I was 21 and had an illness. Your strength helps so many more than you will ever know. KEEP IT COMING!! Love you…Karen


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