image image imageFirst-went for a bike ride today for first time this season! it was hard ( I’m not as strong and my lungs were working pretty hard) but i went for a half hour on bike trail. So happy. You can’t even tell i have no hair with a helmet on!

Tomorrow I will go in and have a bone marrow biopsy at 8:30. It will actually take about 2 weeks before we will know the results. That is too long to go without chemo ( whether i need a transplant or not) so I am going to be in the hospital mon-fri next week for my 3rd round so I can crash and burn and recover in time for Bennett’s graduation on the 28th. God’s timing is perfect. Thanks for the prayers!

7 thoughts on “update

  1. Joann and I prayed for you much today. Inspired by your bike ride! Go Heather! We would love to see you soon, even if its looking thru your living room window!

  2. So glad you were able to get out for a bike ride and enjoy the nice weather. Will be praying for you tomorrow during your biopsy and for good results and outcomes. Keep being the inspiration that God is making in you during all of this!

  3. Knowing you, you’ll still get Top 10 in the Biathlon this Summer 🙂 Keep going, gf!!!! Xoxo

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