Reminder to myself…

First, I want to say thank you to those of you who commented about your own struggle with forgiveness. I woke up, started reading, and just started to cry and cry. Not sure exactly why. Maybe because of relief: “I’m not the only one.” Or maybe just being overwhelmed with the fact that God can use my pain and failure and battle to give hope to someone else-that He is redeeming it all. It made me want to talk more about forgiveness, which I will later today. But, as usual, God has something else for me put out there this morning until he can clarify and simplify what to say on forgiveness ( as I said, I could write a book and none of us need to read all of that right now).

So, for this morning, God reminded me  through one of my devotionals, that I wrote something on April 12th (read it again so this makes more sense) that I have already neglected to live out and believe: GOD is my REFUGE. My place of safety and shelter from harm. My protection. NOT the Hospital ( though hospitals are for sick or injured people, which I clearly am, which means God could also be my HOSPITAL…hmmm) . Anyway-when I wrote about being a REFUGEE a few weeks ago, I also had some extra thoughts on what that means:

A REFUGEE is Unsettled. Lost. Broken. Frightened. Longing for their Homeland. Misplaced. In danger from hateful, selfish people. Hopeful. Trusting that if they can make it to a country-a camp-a Leader who has the power and means to provide protection, they will finally be SAFE.  I WROTE THAT! How quickly we forget truth. God is my Refuge. My HOSPITAL.

Trust in Him at all times, O people.; pour out your hearts to him, for GOD is our REFUGE. Psalm 62:8

2 thoughts on “Reminder to myself…

  1. Dealing with this right now. Thank you for reminding me that unforgiveness towards one makes me the prisoner. You are never alone Heather.

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