3 thoughts on “brought this picture to the hospital this time…

  1. Very funny–you do know that “bad” now means “good,” right? “man, that’s bad!” There is a kernel of truth to that message–as you write it is apparent that you are brushing up against Truth–and, I know that you know His Name. Thanks for you transparency. Pulling for you,


  2. Buh, buh, buh, buh, bad! Bad to the bone! That song ran through my mind when I read this. God is definitely using you. You are a great example of how to go through a trial. With transparency, honesty and vulnerability and a willingness and openness to letting God work. I know that you are an inspiration to many people. I look forward to seeing you in complete and total health with cancers butt thoroughly kicked!!! I love you! Denise

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