God and Heather officially kick Leukemia in the butt!!!!!

imageAnd all of YOU who have been  praying and praying!!! I got my results back from Washington State regarding my bone marrow biopsy-NO NEED FOR A BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT!!! Hopefully one more round of Chemo and call it a day ( with a lot of monitoring and tracking for awhile). There is “NO morphologic evidence of leukemic blasts. No abnormal myeloid blast, monocyte, or myeloid population identified.” In laymen’s terms….CURED. We are overwhelmed and still in a bit of shock. I will write some more later but for now just want to get this out there and let us all celebrate together. We can’t thank you enough. Keep praying though! LOVE YOU ALL.

17 thoughts on “God and Heather officially kick Leukemia in the butt!!!!!

  1. That is wonderful news! Praise God for answered prayers. I have been so blessed by your words and thoughts in your blog. So thrilled for you and all your family!

    Love, Madaleine

  2. Hoot! God is good! God is faithful! God is kind! God is the Great Healer! God is merciful! CANCERS BUTT HAS BEEN THOROUGHLY KICKED! Thank you Jesus! Yea God! I’m thrilled! I will continue to pray for you and your family. I hope that I can see you soon(come back to California). Hugs to your Mom! Lots of love, Denise

  3. Thrilled beyond words!!! Praise GOD..HALLELUJAH!!! So happy for you, Blake and your boys, parents, everyone!!!!

  4. Can’t tell you how happy & grateful I am for you!!! God is good! All the time!!!!!love, joyce

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  5. Whoopee! That’s a big YEA, GOD! To Him be the glory! My prayers for you and Blake will always continue. Love you and family.

  6. All of us at Bella Vista Christian Church are rejoicing with you and your family! God is beyond good, awesome, almighty healer, everlasting King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Our prayers will continue as you allow your body to completely recoop. Then watch out world —- we know you will be ready to spread your great news/journey to others as you give God all the glory! We love and rejoice because Christ so graciously first loved each of us. BBVC Church Family & Friends. (Debbie Price, Caring Hearts Card Ministry)

  7. Awesome news! Cured! Normal? You will never be the same. I suspect you would not want to be. You have been relocated to higher ground–much better view! Continued grace and blessings.

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