So-today  I am in the hospital to finish off my final round of chemo!!! i will come home monday if everything goes well. It will most likely take me a few weeks to recover from this round and then…I should be ready to do, um, “normal” life again. Please pray for us as we figure out what that looks like. Leukemia has taken over our lives for 4 months so far and we aren’t sure how to operate without it.I will probably be in touch every day since i am in the hospital the next 5 days. Thanks for your help and prayers that have brought us this far. Love to you all.

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  1. Heather,
    Good news!! Yes, I think you will know some of the things to do!!!! Just make it fun and special – just like you!
    Just going to the park with your best picnic and bonnet!
    Try it-you might like it a lot!!!
    Lots of hugs
    from Joanne and Ron too

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