I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth or stopped blogging, just in case anyone was wondering. I am in the hospital for a few days. Got admitted with a neutropenic fever and so they give me IV antibiotics and run some tests to find any infections. It’s pretty common post-chemo. This time is the first time I feel actually sick (aside from that first time in ICU). I slept about 90% of the day today while my sweet husband gazed lovingly at me 🙂 Hopefully I will be well enough to write tomorrow because my mind and heart are backing up! Love you all.

3 thoughts on “UPDATE

  1. Extra prayers heading your way. So sorry that you had a serious set-back. I still believe you will end up even stronger and you’ll give hope to others for many years to come. God bless you and your dear family.

  2. Heather: so sorry to hear you are back in the hospital. Sending prayers and positive thoughts to you. PJ

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