hello friends. I am still in the hospital and this is the first window of time I have felt capable of ALL the  work it takes to get on my ipad to do anything other than watch a movie. THere is lots of good news-I a no longer neutropenic WHICH, IN THEORY, means I should never be neutropenic again! UP UP UP from now own, except for my platelets and hemoglobin might   still be low and I might need transfusions for the next couple weeks.

I might go home today or tomorrow, but am going to try to talk them in to keeping me today because i still don’t feel good. I have sinusitis and a salivary gland infection which gives me unceasing headaches, jaw swelling and pain, an earache and sore throat. Wow, I feel so whiney. I was an actual NEEDY patient this week. I can hear the “team” talking about me outside my door so I guess I will find out soon what will be happening. I like to predict what they have in store for me based on bloodwork. I predict i will be getting platelets today. Keep you posted.

I will be writing blog again today or tomorrow. My mind is getting “BACK-BLOGGED.” 🙂

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