Go Fund Me update

Update: I forgot to include some nuts and bolts (I’ll be claiming chemo brain for the next decade btw). Here is how we arrived at the 17k number. Our annual max out of pocket expenses with our insurance is 15k. We hit that the first week. 🙂 Plus incidental expenses and loss of income of 10k brings us to a total of 25k. HOWEVER, and this is HUGE, we already have had a handful of family and friends step up and help us to the tune of $8000!! This is a blessing beyond belief! We are so grateful for God’s provision already. Yet several of those folks said, “I know others want to help too!” Additionally, as I said in the original blog, we (or extended family) have been repeatedly asked by others how they could help. Thus this Go Fund Me. So 25k minus 8k = 17k. There you go you accountant types. 🙂


Thanks all.  New Regular blog post coming soon!  🙂

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