Even if you are not a Bible scholar, there’s a good possibility that you have heard the story about Jesus’ parents leaving him behind when they headed home from their vacation. They actually travelled for an entire day before they realized he was missing (let’s just pause to contemplate how, even though my parenting could use some work, I have never left a child alone in another state for an entire day).

In all fairness, they travelled in a type of caravan with many other families and relatives. They probably assumed he was with Uncle Jo. I secretly suspect that his brothers knew full well he wasn’t there, but imagine the stress of living with the perfect Son of God as your brother. Who could blame them for looking the other way when they pulled out of town without him? After they realized he was gone, they turned around and headed back to Jerusalem to look for him. When they finally found him, he was in the temple, “sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions.” When his parents saw him they were “astonished” and, I suspect, just a little irritated. Mary said, “Son, why have you treated us like this? Your father and I have been anxiously searching for you.” And Jesus answered them like any teenager would, “Why were you searching for me? Didn’t you know I had to be in my Father’s house?”

This is the thought that came to me:

Do I look upon my life as being in my Father’s House? Here’s what I believe to be true about God–He created me to dwell in His House. His Will. With His Spirit occupying my being. It’s the most natural place for me to be. But more often than not, I am trying to move my stuff in to other people’s houses.

In Las Vegas, over the past few years, they have had a terrible problem with Squatters. A Squatter is someone who occupies real property that they have no legal right or title to live in. What’s crazy is that if a Squatter enters a vacant home and manages to get the electricity turned on through the city, it will take lawyers and owners thousands of dollars and dozens of hours to get them out. Truly, the best, and most challenging, way to get the house back is if they leave on their own accord. But who would do that when they are living in a beautiful house in a gated community….for FREE? (Never mind the fact that their neighbors despise them and they are under the daily threat of being kicked out!)

When we put down our roots, move in all our junk, in any other house but our Father’s House, we become Squatters. We were not designed to live outside our Father’s Will. You may move your stuff in, but it will never feel like HOME. We need to live in the moments in our Father’s House. It’s where we belong.

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