Common Sense: Part 2

The answer is “no”, or “not yet”. He did not come to get his bike this weekend (if you are completely confused, please refer to my previous blog before you keep reading). I have to say that I am frustrated. Not because of the bike thing, but because I had planned to write a Part 2 of my blog regarding Expectations and Not Being Attached To The Outcome, but now it just looks as if I am trying to defend God in some twisted way. So, for the record, these thoughts were on my mind the day I wrote Part 1, but I didn’t want to bore you with more than 750 words at once (I also may have forgotten until later that night…). Here’s what I meant to say…

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Even though we act on a prompting from God, it doesn’t give us the right to expect the results to live up to our expectations. Would I have loved it if that boy would have shown up for the bike with a joyful spirit and a big smile and thanked me with a hug before he happily rode down the street? Of course. But I am not in control of that part of the story.

All I can control is whether or not I listen—whether or not I act. How it turns out is neither here nor there. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t hear from God. It doesn’t mean that I did it wrong. It even occurs to me that it might not have anything to do with that boy or the bike at all. Maybe it was a moment between me and God where He made it clear to me that He heard me, He can answer me in specifics if I ask Him to, and that He’s personally invested in our relationship.

His promises are not generic. They are meant for me and He speaks to me in unique ways because I am a unique girl (no comments, please). He speaks to you too. He will speak the words and use the tone that He knows will get your attention.

So, again, I don’t have an answer to report to you regarding the bike. And that’s ok. It isn’t necessary for me to SEE the answer. My job is to obey and then trust God with the results (nevertheless—I’ll keep you posted!).

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