So, I am beginning the process of editing (which means, correcting, not reformatting or trying to make them sound smarter) my blogs so I can create a “Print on demand” book . It will be a daily reading book that will fit in your purse, your briefcase, your back packs Or man-purse.

The book will serve as a type of calling card that will hopefully encourage you or others daily, but also draw people back to my blog that I intend to keep writing. The title may change since God and I already kicked leukemia’s proverbial butt! In order to continute to draw people to the site, I will be posting about 3 days a week. In between I will RE-SHARE my blog to Facebook just to keep it in front of people. Try not to feel tricked when you click on it only to find it’s the same one you read yesterday (although, it probably wouldn’t damage you too much to read it again)!  Thanks in advance for your love and support!


1 thought on “BOOK ON IT’S WAY!!!!!”

  1. Good to hear this. I often thought while reading about your major health challenges and how your faith helped, that you should write a book. You have the gift of expressing yourself in a way that will help others. God bless.


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