I am not ashamed to say it on social media…Tomorrow is my birthday. 46. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the gift of still being alive. One of the people that has been a part of this journey-a very important part-is my friend and Hairdresser, Tracy Salvo, owner of THE GALLERY SALON. She made me pretty yesterday, but more importantly, she came to the hospital when I woke up in ICU and tenderly, kindly and with love…shaved my head. It’s not something to be taken lightly. After I got out of the hospital off and on during my leukemia fight, I would go in to her shop and she would put up a divider for privacy so we could take off my wig and shave my head clean. She even cut my wig once! I am so grateful for her serving, sweet spirit. I hope you go see her some time too. She will take great care of you-even if you don’t have Leukemia!

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