Feelings aren’t facts…

Maybe not writing for a couple weeks has a direct correlation to the fact that I am struggling. Which came first? Who knows. What exactly am I struggling with? Well, ironically, during this Thanksgiving season-it’s gratitude. At a time of year when even the most curmudgeonly people seem to pull out something to be grateful for, I am just not feeling it.

You have probably heard it said that “feelings aren’t facts”, but even when I make a gratitude list or encounter dear people I know I am thankful for, the facts remain and the feelings ( read: warm, kind, sweet, tender) don’t match.

I figured out that my attitude sort of stinks on this whole”thankfulness” topic while I was doing some reflective reading yesterday. The book has dated entries and this reading started with the same repetitious reminders that the author has addressed for the past 7 days:

  • “be thankful in all circumstances”
  • “thankfulness takes the sting out of adversity”
  • “thank God frequently”
  • “thankfulness is a language of love”
  • “thanksgiving puts you in a proper relationship with God”
  • “fill your heart and mind with thankfulness”
  • “when your mind is occupied with thankfulness, you have no time for worrying or complaining.”
  • Blah, Blah Blah. You get the idea. I was shocked at my response when I realized she was still stuck on this topic; a big eye roll. I mean, Thanksgiving is over lady! Let’s move on already!

I give you permission to pause it here and decide whether you want to continue reading what my bratty-sounding self has to say (maybe ever again!)…

Pencil erasing a mistake

For those of you who are still with me–I just have to say that I am not proud of this posture and it makes me feel like I have no right to write anything at all until I get my junk together. But I have learned a couple of things from writing a few hundred blogs. One, when I stop writing regularly, bad things happen in my soul (since the majority of what I write helps me first and you second. I can’t give away what I don’t possess). And two, when I share the stuff I am most ashamed to share, that’s when people seem to connect the most. I suppose I understand. I feel weird and isolated and crazy most of the time, and I don’t always find hope when I hear motivating talk from someone whose life seems spotless and never appears to struggle with “temporary insanity”–being tempted to live counter to what they know to be true in their heart. I just don’t relate and despair and self-pity take over.

So, what am I gonna do about my lack of “happy” feelings and my pessimistic, prickly emotions?

Well, as I have said, awareness is the first step in making some changes. Now that I am aware, I can make some phone calls and dialogue with people and God. And I can know that “this too shall pass”, because sometimes we just get in a funk for no apparent reason and we don’t have to flog ourselves over it.

Don’t worry about me. I’ll do what I need to do to get “better”. But even though I started this blog to confess my grouchy, juvenile attitude and maybe give some insight into how to “fix” it, I think that God has other intentions for it. What I hope you hear, is that “you’re not alone.” I am still here for you, still as messed up as ever, and I will walk next to you as we “trudge this happy road to destiny” together. Never, ever forget that.

2 thoughts on “Feelings aren’t facts…

  1. Thank you for the book Trish Fehr brought to me. I’m in early treatment for colon cancer and doing fairly well, so far. My daily gratitude list includes skilled doctors, friends ready to help in every way, and two rambunctious pups who are always thrilled when I get home. There are many family issues, which I’ve given to God. He’s much more capable than I with changing the hearts of grumpy people. Thanks, again.

    1. Thanks Sharon! I am so happy that you are doing well. I am glad you have found some encouragement from my book. It sounds like you are on the right track! You go girl!

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