I just want to be where you are

Recently, I felt like God gave me the overarching explanation of what I write about: Trusting God in the trauma, drama, and minutiae of everyday life. It’s been awhile since I wrote about the minutiae, which is of course where we spend about 80% of our day. When I find God there, I am remindedContinue reading “I just want to be where you are”

Not a “real runner”

I really wanted to snap a picture to give you a better feel for this entire scenario. But, because of what I am about to explain to you, that thought came to me about 2 minutes too late. You may recall my post a couple months ago declaring I was defying my own vow toContinue reading “Not a “real runner””

Searching for Cancer thriver stories!

Please pass this on to anyone you know who might be interested! I’m putting together a book called Embracing the Impact of Cancer. Remember what it was like being diagnosed? Did you feel alone? I sure did (even though I was surrounded by people). I am looking for 8 people who have either had cancerContinue reading “Searching for Cancer thriver stories!”

Birth-day vs. Death-day

Yesterday was my birthday and I spent time at the hospital, not to be confused with in the hospital, which is the reality that wooed me to writing today. My middle son, Bennett, had a rib extracted (look up Thoracic Outlet Syndrome for some fun reading)! He is home now and doing great. But IContinue reading “Birth-day vs. Death-day”

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