I typically reserve my blogs for tattling on myself about my silly, embarrassing and sometimes dreadful behaviors. Today, however, I have permission (OK—I don’t really have it yet, but plan to get it before I post!) to tell you about a hilarious experience I had with a friend the other night.

We were happily heading to hear a live band play at a venue located in the middle of a cornfield on the outskirts of town. Welcome to Illinois.

She had just gotten a new car. A “luxury vehicle” if you will. It had all the bells and whistles and rode as smooth as “butta”. As she raved about all the features and explained why she loved this car so much, I noticed the headlights of a car that was riding our bumper. I glanced over at the speedometer to see if, in her excitement, she forgot that the speed limit was 55.

She was going 80! I knew that this was a quality vehicle, but it sort of made me feel like I was in an alternate universe because it truly felt like we were going about 40. I told her that this car was indeed as luxurious as she was describing. I couldn’t believe that even though we were going 80mph, my body felt like we were passing the scenery, and even the world itself, at a pace that made time feel surreal.

I continued to check her speedometer as cars continued to line up behind us. Sheesh! What was so important that they needed to go over 80mph!?!?

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My friend continued to brag about her car until all of sudden she said, “Ohhhhh wait. It looks like it may be set on Kilometers.”

She clicked a button and lo and behold, our speed registered at 30mph.

We giggled to the point of tears the rest of the way. We kind of swore never to tell anyone but alas, here I am. At least I didn’t use her name.

Besides the fact that it was hysterical, I have been thinking about how this relates to my life.

I know this isn’t an exact analogy, but all too often, events and circumstances and appointments are going about 80mph and I am right there with them, trying not to lose control.

But when I am spiritually fit, when I am connected and surrender to God and am using His lens to view what happens around me, it truly is like I am in a luxury vehicle going 30mph while the outside world surges on.

My insides are still. Safe. Secure. Smooth.

It is how I think it feels to experience the “peace that passes understanding” God promises when we turn our will and our lives over to His care. See with His eyes. Love with His unconditional love. Serve with His humble heart.

And trust His perfect timing, plan, and outcome for me and others.

On our way home from our event, we got tickled again about our earlier “mph mishap”. This got us talking about her new car vs. her previous car. It was not a piece of junk. It was actually a sports car that was pretty pricey. But, she didn’t like how it drove (probably due, in part, to not being able to select kilometers…haha). She said, “it was like I was ‘one with the road.’”

Now, sometimes that feature is said to point out the benefits of a vehicle. But, that would be for those who are not driving on the roads in Illinois. They are pretty treacherous, particularly in the country. Trust me, you do not want to be “one” with Illinois roads!

This also helps me get a visual for what it is like to live with God’s spirit guiding me. It’s like I am on the road, but don’t have to succumb to the bumps, cracks, holes, and occasional carcasses along the journey.

I live like I am “in the world but not of it.”

Living a life surrendered to God does not make the hard, sad, crazy, painful, chaotic stuff of life go away. But if we stay in close proximity to Him through prayer, meditation or simply acknowledging His presence as many times a day as we possibly can, we will live with the serenity that makes us feel like we are going 49mph while the world around us is going 80.

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  1. Thank you for the laugh because I can so relate. I love your transparent way of sharing life and how all things direct us to God if we surrender.

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