Unpacking MIRROR

In this Episode, Bruce and Heather unpack and discuss the word MIRROR. What are the first thoughts/emotions when we think about looking in the MIRROR?
Frightening, difficult? Opportunity, evaluation? What is it reflecting? Do we like what we see, not just physically but also, who we see?
Do we compare? Do we say WOW I’m unique? How does this change our emotions and our confidence? Are we excited or disappointed?
Can a MIRROR be a figurative Reflection point? Can we take inventory of where we are and use the response as a way to tweak and improve or change course? All difficult questions for sure, but starting an assessment (including both celebrating and seeing areas we want to grow) is key to transformation.

We talk about this because we are “works in process” and hope you find a nugget or two that will encourage you to make time to check in on yourself.
What do you see? where do we want to go next? what can the MIRROR show us that can help us move forward?

Can we truly find a way to embrace the MIRROR?

We break down MIRROR in our conversation this way.

Maybe hard to look at
Important for us to grow
Reflects what it sees
Returning real and raw
Opportunity to adjust
Reframing the reflection

Matthew 7 V 4 (Amplified Version). Oh, how can you say your brother,” let me get that speck out of your eye when there is a log in your own eye.

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