I need to talk about this out-loud because frankly, I stink at it.

Well, let me back up a bit before I confess the specifics.

A couple of quick questions:

First Have you ever watched the series, “The Office”? One of my favorite episodes is when Michael Scott (the cringy boss) and one of his employees, Dwight (also cringy and for you Office junkies, aka as the “assistant to the regional manager”) are on a road trip and using the maps app.

As they take a turn, they can see that if they listen to their electronic guide, they will end up in the lake. After arguing about how one shouldn’t argue with maps, they ignore common sense and end up under water as if they had no other options.

And second, have you ever been driving and passed your turn, only to have your map app reroute you down the street and around the block (or over the river and through the woods…) so you wouldn’t have to endure the hassle of a laborious little U Turn?

I am a realtor-so I basically just drive around for a living. It seems like I inevitably get a phone call right before I am supposed to make an important turn and end up being rerouted through some back country road, 3 or 4 miles out of my way.

close up of the directions on a smartphone
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So, now that I have gotten all that frustration off my chest, let’s reroute ourselves back to where I was going with all of this (see how I did that, haha? 😂).

If there is one thing I know for sure, it is that when I surrender “it” to God, things go better.

Better for me.

Better for those around me.

Better in my spirit.

Better in my head.

So why do I continue to hold on to things and try to solve, figure out, or manipulate them before I am willing to turn them over?

Why do I forgo what I know works and mindlessly follow the map, taking the long way back to God instead of just making a U Turn once I realize I am off course?

I mean, I know I will end up back with Him at some point, but must I always go the long way?

It’s an exhausting and unnecessary way to live.

God is always right there; all I have to do is turn around.

Turning around, straight back to Him, is the shortest and most direct route to rest, recovery and redemption.

…And fortunately, I do not need a map for that.

U Turn, baby!

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