A new kind of Wonder Woman?

Remember back in 2015 when I had a bout of Leukemia? Ya, me too.

Well, during that time, I managed to establish a reputation for being a type of “Wonder Woman.” I received scarves, plaques, costumes, cards and other Wonder Woman paraphernalia on a regular basis. They even started showing it in syndication on some random channel during that time. I am pretty sure it was just for me. 😂

Lately, my husband has been strongly urging me to “Meditate” on this Wonder Woman theme because she reared her awesome self during my birthday celebrations this year.

I was given WW cards from my husband and 2 other friends and even a wall hanging from one, all touting my Wonder Woman powers. The same weekend, I picked up a t-shirt with her pic on it at a garage sale.

Everything just keeps coming up Wonder Woman.

This is why my husband sweetly suggested I not ignore what God might be trying to tell me. God knows I am a sucker for repetitious reminders. That’s usually how He gives me a message to write about.

So, here I am. I am still at the very beginning of reflecting on what any of it means. But for starters, let’s just take a look at what my “research” has shown me so far.

First of all, I was wondering about the word “wonder.” I find it perplexing that none of the definitions I found used words like strong, powerful, or mighty.

That kind of stinks since those are the main character traits I thought I was embracing when people called me Wonder Woman .

I guess that is the image they are promoting so I won’t argue, but as I prepare to meditate on this today, I’ll throw out a few more avenues that I think I will take into consideration.

I will start by implementing the first definition: “To ask yourself questions or express a wish to know about something.” I can do that. I can take time to wonder what God is trying to say to me.

One of the other definitions alludes to powerful status that most of us attribute to said superhero/heroine: “An extremely useful or skillful person.” OK-I could get behind that and see the leap they took to turn her into a lasso-wielding, bracelet adorning, crown-wearing wonder.

I wrote a blog a few years ago called “wonder woman, and the old normal “ where I pointed out how I felt more like I embodied another definition of “wonder” woman: “To think about things in a questioning and sometimes doubting way.” I wondered at where my keys, my phone, and often my mind might be! Check this post out if you have ever been a poster child for that kind of Wonder Woman/man.

But alas, here is where I plan to land today, and probably for the next few days. I will politely request (another definition of wonder) that God reveal direction, light, freedom and truth to me as I practice engaging in this final definition of “wonder”: “A feeling of great surprise and admiration caused by seeing or experiencing something that is strange and new.”

I wonder…I wonder…I wonder.

I’ll be in touch.

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