Unpacking EXAMPLE




What is the EXAMPLE we are setting and where does the light shine?
Bruce and Heather unpack their perspective on this topic. Bruce draws on Daniel 6 v 26 where after Daniel refused King Dorius’ decree to only worship him and was thrown into the lion’s den for his “disobedience”. Acting by faith, Daniel did not fear this fate. King Darius rushed to the den after a restless and distraught night only to find Daniel unafraid and unhurt. This caused Darius to reverse his decree and command all to worship Daniel’s God, the eternal God. All glory went to God through Daniel’s act of faith. So can we set the same kind of example AND ensure that GOD gets the glory? Easy to set ego aside? No. Thank you Daniel for showing us through your faith.
Everything I do sets one
eXamine all my actions
Are they bright and bold?
Making a difference?
Painting the Picture?
Light shining on HIM?
Exercising my faith in HIM?

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