Unpacking Freeze or Frees




Are we doing things that FREEZE us? Let’s do something that FREES us. Are we stuck at times? FROZEN. Yes, we certainly can all be. What can we do that will help FREE us up and move forward? Especially in difficult times and struggles that might instead bring in Worry, Anxiety, and Stress.
Also, as Christ followers, who FREES us and can we always learn to turn to Jesus?
Bruce landed on Psalm 46 v 10. Be STILL and know that I am GOD. Wow be still for a moment, turn to him, and let him work so that his love, grace, and protection FREES us from the FREEZE
Frozen from actions
Restricting my GIFTS
Enlisting doubt
Embracing CAN’t
Zapped of Energy
Endlessly trapped
Forward movement first
Release the grip on results
Embrace incremenal
Ease in & keep going
See how free it can be
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