Blake update #2

We  really need to keep those prayers coming.  When we started this j0urney the docs told us that 2 weeks after chemo ended, H would bottom out.  Well, we hit 2 weeks yesterday, and this is certainly a new low and we hope and pray that it indeed is the bottom.  H has developed a bowel issue and a lung issue related to having a compromised immune system (the result of the chemo).  Yesterday they moved her to the ICU unit to enable them to more aggressively monitor and treat her systems and an infection that has recently shown up.  Our oncologist has repeatedly told us that we are still within the range of “normal” as it relates to filling one’s body with poison (chemo), but it is certainly in the low range.  So please pray that we can get rid of  the infection, the bowel inflammation will calm down and her breathing  return to normal.  At that point her recovery from the chemo can start in full swing.  Additionally, this is hard on family and friends.  We need peace and strength.

She can’t have visitors right now but know that the notes, txts, cards, emails, etc are such a blessing.  The endless stream of food is a blessing.  The countless doc and nurse friends who help us navigate this are a blessing.  Shout out to Bill Moore who sent H 100 red roses today.  It was very sweet.  And a shout out to the Zara’s for detailing our cars for us.  When H gets out she will be highly susceptible to dust, mold, etc and it’s winter and we have kids and our vehicles are like a petri dish.  H will come home in a couple weeks to clean cars.

Anyway, please keep those prayers going.  We found out that a family friend in AZ who works in a homeless ministry, through my uncle’s church, has the homeless in the park praying for H.  That so touches my heart.  I picture the tax collector in Jesus’ story huddled in the corner of the temple praying.  Jesus says God heard his prayer because of his broken humility.  God may hear those homeless men’s prayers a little clearer than the rest of us with our baggage of pride and self-sufficiency.  But truthfully, selfishly, I hope He hears them all as it relates to H!  And deep down, I know He does!

Blake’s entry to Heather’s blog

So last night I got called back to the hospital in the middle of the night in the driving snow storm because H’s blood pressure dropped and she had a slight fever and they were concerned about infection and they were moving her to another floor (huge shout out to Dr Agamah for answering a call in the middle of the night when I had questions).  In essence, the treatment for AML is to totally destroy the immune system.  Not fun at all, the risk of infection is high.  Here is my very scientific explanation:  Chemo is like Pacman  but a Pacman who doesn’t know the difference between the pellets (good stuff) and ghosts (leukemia).  Chemo Pacman just eats everything.  Sooooooo, it was a long night for all involved.  Thankfully she is stabilized today and was able to rest.  They have her on 5 or 6 different antibiotics as well as a plethora of other meds.  I cannot tell you how much the prayers, txts, and FB messages mean to her/us.  Thank you all.

On a side note, due to the chemo H has lost weight and looks like a prettier version of Kate Moss, whereas, we have tons of people bringing us yummy food at home – COMFORT FOOD – so I now, look like an uglier version of Burl Ives.  It’s not pretty.  I can’t see my toes.  Additionally, I have found that there is one thing on this earth that can touch the deepest darkest recesses of a burdened soul: Cereal.  Just mounds and mounds of sugary cereal.  Life, Count Chocula, FrankenBerry, Reeces PeanutButter, and the list goes on.  Again, Burl Ives.

Anyway, we are so grateful for the support of friends and family and for prayer ranging from NYC to LA and everything between As far a field as Moscow, there are people praying for us.  The power of the Fellowship is awesome to behold.  God is good.  His grace is amazing.  His Love overwhelming.  Good night all.

First day off chemo

imagetoday i feel like  just might have cancer.  pray for quick killing of cancer cells and rebuilding of new healthy cells.

thanks to the ELC team for “fresh” flowers of love. so kind of all of you. I sent Ms. Gnuse on a mission to come up with hilarious kid stories so start your thinking! love you all

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wonderwoman pole dance

imagegot my wonder woman shirt goin on and heading out to fight some leukemia! had a great valentnes day yesterday. my wonderful husband managed to get saputos to deliver filets, baked pototes and veggies to the hospital. He’s amazing. i am so thankful to all of you hwo have made this a beautiful beginning to a horrific turn of events. please don’t stop praying for healing and recovery and peace of mind and heart for my family. we are all just trying to take it a day at  time, which is all we csn ever do anyway, right? God is in this and we trust him. May you join us in that.

day 3 of chemo

so i have seen many beautiful friends this day. grerat friends and food from incedibly delicious and a massage on the way.  I wanna bust all you nice people out by name but not sure if i will risk making you mad and not returning!!!  i feel so loved and overwhelmed. had blood and platelet transfusion last night and almost had a scare becuase they thought i had lost 10 lbs.  first time i ever stepped on the scale without asking if i could take off my shoes , coat, etc.  turned out it was only 3 lbs and i actually cheered! perspective. image

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