It’s not about me

You may or may not have noticed that I have not posted a new blog for a few weeks (if you didn’t notice, just keep that to yourself 😉). Even though I haven’t written a single block post, I have been a writing fiend for the past couple months! I’ll try not to over explain,Continue reading “It’s not about me”

“We are Not Alone”

I don’t feel like I am breaking a confidence when I tell you that my middle child, who is 15,  is afraid of aliens. I mean, like, really afraid. He is fairly certain that they exist-the traditional kind you see on movies like “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” The tall skinny ones with gangly armsContinue reading ““We are Not Alone””


I wish i had some other literature to back up these principles I am about to throw out there. But, alas, I think I will just ramble for a bit and see if anything profound comes to  mind. When I have to go looking for “readings” to support what I feel God leading me toContinue reading ““Re-Purpose””

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