“Off the Wagon”

It’s already 4:00 in the afternoon. As a general rule I am fresher and more motivated to write in the mornings. But not today. Last night I “fell off the Wagon.” Anyone else have a Wagon? There are very bumpy and susceptible to potholes and inclement road conditions. You really do have be paying prettyContinue reading ““Off the Wagon””

Your worst enemy

I love to read the Psalms when I am angry (or feeling like a victim). David, who wrote the majority of them, goes in to great detail about wanting his enemies to be “smote” or tortured in some terrible way. He vents his fears and human desire for justice to come to his enemies. HeContinue reading “Your worst enemy”

Picture Perfect

In an attempt to “live life on life’s terms”, I decided that part of the process should include sorting through the boxes of books and memorabilia that I have been storing in my parent’s basement…for 4 years. If I am going to keep it, I need to keep it at my own house. If itContinue reading “Picture Perfect”

“You wouldn’t like me when I am angry” – Bruce Banner-The Hulk (and Heather)

I like being angry. There. I said it. I didn’t even KNOW I liked being angry until the following scenarios occurred: (brace yourself…this is fix’n to get ugly):  a couple of years ago, there were a handful of people who enacted a type of “spiritual shunning” and stopped speaking to me (this is where IContinue reading ““You wouldn’t like me when I am angry” – Bruce Banner-The Hulk (and Heather)”

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