“Don’t Give Up Until the Miracle Happens”

Have you ever heard the motivational slogan “Don’t give up until the miracle happens”? What miracle is that exactly? I am beginning to think I should give up; give up wishing and hoping for God to work things out according to my Will. Give up holding out for the miracle I ordered. In more simplistic,Continue reading ““Don’t Give Up Until the Miracle Happens””

A Blog about Nothing

Don’t worry. I am in no way implying that my mind thinks like the brilliant and hilarious Jerry Seinfeld. BUT, I do have to say that I remind myself of him in one particular area: we both have managed to create something out of nothing. When Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza pitched their idea forContinue reading “A Blog about Nothing”

Oh Ye of Little Faith

I am not positive that at the end of this entry, I will actually post it for anyone else to read. I just need to get some things out of my head. FIrst, I have to admit that I have done it again—believed the lie that plagues me: “Unless I am currently living in peace,Continue reading “Oh Ye of Little Faith”

Longing for Leukemia

In a weird way, I sort of miss having Leukemia. Obviously, it is not with warm-fuzzy feelings, but I do look back on my Leukemia days with a certain fondness. There are actually a lot of reasons I am thankful for that season of my life; I made many new friends who I would haveContinue reading “Longing for Leukemia”


I am a terrible Waiter. In college I attempted to wait tables as a job. Disasterous. I would either bug my table to death or forget about them entirely. By the end of the night I always seemed to owe money rather than make money. It was really not a good fit for my “giftedness.” IContinue reading “Waiting”

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