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Greed in disguise

I need to get out of my head. I am so self absorbed right now-worrying about what others think of me to the point of obsession. Also, and largely, beating myself up for a variety of shortcomings. I never feel like I am doing enough. I am not spiritual enough, not thin enough, not sellingContinue reading “Greed in disguise”


I have decided that Thanksgiving is probably my most favorite holiday. I am 49 years old and just realized this. Some of us like to take our sweet time when it comes to self-reflection. 😏 Besides the obvious “blessing” of a holiday celebrated mainly by gorging oneself on a flood of carbs and high-fructose cornContinue reading “Intermingled”

Cousin Eddie

I am sitting on the couch in my pajama’s listening to Christmas Carols on my IPAD. I love my living room this time of year. The Christmas tree is in here, there is a beautiful tray with candles and a poinsettia on the coffee table and my piano looks like a Christmas bomb exploded onContinue reading “Cousin Eddie”

“unpacking” leisure

A couple days ago, August 5th to be exact, I mentioned that I had “escaped” from my family while on vacation, long enough to write my blog. Because I had already decided what to write about that day, I didn’t use the very cool topic that jumped out at me when I read the entriesContinue reading ““unpacking” leisure”

Detachment…my favorite tool

We have a saying in our household: “our favorite ‘tools’ are a phone and a phonebook.” When something needs a fixn’, we have to call it in. This makes us pretty needy neighbors. We borrow a lot. But, hey, if you need a screw driver or hammer, we’re “here for you.” A couple of yearsContinue reading “Detachment…my favorite tool”

“They’re REAL-and they’re Spectacular!”- Seinfeld Quote

Last night was my first night home from the hospital. My dear, sweet husband took me on a date.  I wore a pretty dress and high heels and a cute wig and because I am a good and grateful wife, I decided to endure my eye-lids being glued half-shut and apply some false eyelashes. AsContinue reading ““They’re REAL-and they’re Spectacular!”- Seinfeld Quote”

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