Unpacking GRANTED

When you think of GRANTED what comes to mind? Maybe being taking or taken for? Or maybe received as a gift?In this episode, Bruce and Heather unpack the two ways this word can impact our lives.GRANTEDGreedy | GratefulRegardless | RespectedAssumed | AppreciatedNarcissistic | Not but for GraceTaken as owed | ThankfulExpected | EmbracedDemanded | DeeplyContinue reading “Unpacking GRANTED”

woe is me

I had some really deep, clever things planned to say in my blog today. Instead, I am pouting. I am finally home from the hospital and am feeling sorry for myself? Craziness. First, let me just say that being in the hospital without chores or errands or real life responsibilities is not too bad ifContinue reading “woe is me”

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