Birth-day vs. Death-day

Yesterday was my birthday and I spent time at the hospital, not to be confused with in the hospital, which is the reality that wooed me to writing today. My middle son, Bennett, had a rib extracted (look up Thoracic Outlet Syndrome for some fun reading)! He is home now and doing great. But IContinue reading “Birth-day vs. Death-day”

Hurried and Harried Heather

Call me simple. Or mystical. Or just naïve and superstitious. Call me what you want, but regardless, this is how it works. This is how I know what I am supposed to write about—dare I say-what I believe God wants me to write about. I read a smorgasbord of books every day. Usually a pageContinue reading “Hurried and Harried Heather”

I See Those Hands…

Raise your hand if you have ever battled a potentially terminal disease or love someone who has or does? Now raise your hand if you struggle with the disease of addiction or love someone who has or does? And raise a hand if you’ve ever felt tormented by the effects of your own sin/evil/brokenness orContinue reading “I See Those Hands…”


The night before Thanksgiving I had the privilege of speaking for a few minutes at a Gratitude Meeting for people in all kinds of Recovery. Wall to wall people. Standing room only. They all came to hear and share h0w grateful they are for the good, the bad and even the ugly that has happenedContinue reading “On GRATITUDE”

God’s Playing Field

Maybe  by now you have picked up on some general themes that tend to permeate my blogs. In the past year or so, since I began attending recovery groups, I started asking myself and eventually others how I could reconcile all I know of God from my church world, with what I am learning aboutContinue reading “God’s Playing Field”

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