Unpacking CHOSEN

https://open.spotify.com/episode/6UcdAFrNbivlAQKG4uv0DJ?si=-QsA924iSAWasyB7zVFKzw https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/can-i-have-a-word-with-you/id1628668707?i=1000636743075 https://anchor.fm/canihaveawordwithyou/episodes/Unpacking-CHOSEN-e2c7he1 https://youtu.be/mjWQNMiEpf4?feature=shared Join Heather and Amanda as they unpack the powerful word CHOSEN.ChristHasOpenlySpokenEverlastingNew-life http://www.acupofgratitude.org/ Learn more about Bruce Pulver, contact him to book a speaking engagement, and order Above the Chatter Our Words Matter at http://abovethechatterourwordsmatter.com/. Watch Bruce’s TEDx Talk at: https://www.ted.com/talks/bruce_pulver_the_secret_to_changing_negative_self_talk_by_renewing_your_mindset Learn more about Heather Carter, book a speaking engagement, and orderContinue reading “Unpacking CHOSEN”

Unpacking THANK YOU

https://open.spotify.com/episode/5HUD72TFWWJJehTOk9rSTJ?si=QYtBqCOuRJ2vb4mVfBrc_w https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/can-i-have-a-word-with-you/id1628668707?i=1000634728706 https://anchor.fm/canihaveawordwithyou/episodes/Unpacking-THANK-YOU-e2bt774 Unpacking THANK YOUThese are the two perfect words when getting a compliment for doing something someone appreciates. Nothing more, nothing less. not to diminish and not to accept with any overconfidence or gloating. Also, two great words when showing appreciation for the effort seen by someone else that impacts our day. EphesiansContinue reading “Unpacking THANK YOU”

Unpacking WONDER

https://spotify.link/nhemYpq79Db https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/can-i-have-a-word-with-you/id1628668707?i=1000632389975 https://anchor.fm/canihaveawordwithyou/episodes/Unpacking-WONDER-e2avho2 Unpacking WONDERDo we WONDER why me? How about why not or why are we not getting what we want or desire right away or even after exhaustive work? Do we wonder what others are thinking about us? their opinion or perception?Can we look at our God and Christ in complete WONDER ofContinue reading “Unpacking WONDER”

What WORD does God call you?

This one hit me hard about a month ago. I am just now ready and willing to share it with you. First, another confession that I stole (though I prefer the more civilized word, “borrowed”) another book from my mother-in-law’s library last time I was in Vegas. If you recall, I “borrowed” another book ofContinue reading “What WORD does God call you?”


I have been looking up the definition of blessed and blessing. Have some interesting perspective and have had some recent conversations with people about what it really looks like to be “blessed.” I read my 4 devotionals to see if there was something from today’s reading that God might want me to use. Well, it’sContinue reading “Dangit…”

I like my mom…

I figure we all need a break from yesterday’s entry. So, a simple, direct statement. “I LIKE my mom.” Some of you know and like her too. She has been with me since my diagnosis, staying more days here than at her own house. I suspect she is just pacing the floor, waiting to comeContinue reading “I like my mom…”


Even Wonder Woman can’t fight the effects of chemo all the time. Feeling sickish tonight so no original thoughts from me, just a reminder to myself and anyone else who might need it. A reminder of finding JOY regardless of circumstances. These words are from my favorite writer, Oswald Chambers. I am amazed that wordsContinue reading “Admission…”

Strapped Down?

I’m back  in the hospital.  I’ve already cheered up the place with my lights and party swirls hanging from the ceiling.  I have no choice really. The nurses expect it and are disappointed when there is no ambiance. I have nurses and techs who aren’t even assigned to me who come by just to feelContinue reading “Strapped Down?”

Blake’s entry to Heather’s blog

So last night I got called back to the hospital in the middle of the night in the driving snow storm because H’s blood pressure dropped and she had a slight fever and they were concerned about infection and they were moving her to another floor (huge shout out to Dr Agamah for answering aContinue reading “Blake’s entry to Heather’s blog”

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