Unpacking MINUTIAE

https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/can-i-have-a-word-with-you/id1628668707?i=1000608301580 https://anchor.fm/canihaveawordwithyou/episodes/Unpacking-MINUTIAE-e2254bp https://open.spotify.com/episode/3AIMCFpSBeIVC10BusURO1?si=s304gK7BQVi8PW2mgRbjtA&dd=1 Heather and Bruce back together again to unpack MINUTIAE. The small stuff. Really. Maybe the day to day mundane can bring us great joy if we pay attention and use the time in these tasks to connect with others and make an impact. Drive through lines, Grocery store check outs, Elevators, etc.Continue reading “Unpacking MINUTIAE”

Fibrin sheaths…fascinating.

I am getting a blood transfusion today, so I think it is only fitting that my writing also be about blood. I learned about Fibrin Sheaths in my blood a couple of months ago. Since then, I have given tutorials to lab techs (who have been sent to TAKE MY BLOOD-ironic, isn’t it?) about theContinue reading “Fibrin sheaths…fascinating.”

“Everyday We’re Shuffling”

When I am in the hospital, my mom and I go for lots of walks. Our route almost always takes us past ICU. As we pass, we peek through the doors with mixed feelings of fear and fondness. It is overwhelming and fascinating to ponder what happened to my body in those 9 days. IContinue reading ““Everyday We’re Shuffling””

Confessions of a Stir-Crazy Neutropenic

After a 9 days of being Neutropenic and essentially on House Arrest,  I think it might be official: “my cheese has slipped off my cracker.” I have decided to confess something to the masses that has been reserved only for “safe people” in the past. This may change what you think of me and youContinue reading “Confessions of a Stir-Crazy Neutropenic”

Wonder Woman and the “Old Normal”

When I was diagnosed with Leukemia we were forced to adjust to a “new normal.” We have been working on that for almost 4 months. We are getting pretty good at living this new normal. However, in about a month, when i am done with  Chemo and hopefully done with hospital  stays, we will againContinue reading “Wonder Woman and the “Old Normal””

God and Heather officially kick Leukemia in the butt!!!!!

And all of YOU who have been  praying and praying!!! I got my results back from Washington State regarding my bone marrow biopsy-NO NEED FOR A BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT!!! Hopefully one more round of Chemo and call it a day ( with a lot of monitoring and tracking for awhile). There is “NO morphologic evidence ofContinue reading “God and Heather officially kick Leukemia in the butt!!!!!”

February 6th

During the night I had some thoughts I wanted to share regarding “waiting.” Then, while on a bike ride ( you read that right….more on that later!) I had some other thoughts about Neil Diamond ( you read that right also…more on THAT later!). Well, as I was looking for some great insights on waitingContinue reading “February 6th”

God is my REFUGE

I spent yesterday weeding through all the things that have accumulated in my house over the past two months. It was a pretty big task and A LOT of decisions about where to put things. I haven’t had to make any “every day” decisions for a very long time. My brain hurt. One of theContinue reading “God is my REFUGE”

woe is me

I had some really deep, clever things planned to say in my blog today. Instead, I am pouting. I am finally home from the hospital and am feeling sorry for myself? Craziness. First, let me just say that being in the hospital without chores or errands or real life responsibilities is not too bad ifContinue reading “woe is me”

Strapped Down?

I’m back  in the hospital.  I’ve already cheered up the place with my lights and party swirls hanging from the ceiling.  I have no choice really. The nurses expect it and are disappointed when there is no ambiance. I have nurses and techs who aren’t even assigned to me who come by just to feelContinue reading “Strapped Down?”

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