What WORD does God call you?

This one hit me hard about a month ago. I am just now ready and willing to share it with you. First, another confession that I stole (though I prefer the more civilized word, “borrowed”) another book from my mother-in-law’s library last time I was in Vegas. If you recall, I “borrowed” another book ofContinue reading “What WORD does God call you?”


Life has been pretty chaotic for me the past few months. Some of the chaos was bad—like my son getting hit by a car and all that goes with that. Some of the chaos has been good—like Blake’s mom being here for a week and my mom here for a week shortly after that. ForContinue reading “Disintegration”

“Fast-Pass”…Be Careful What You Wish For

So…after I wrote about wanting a “Fast-Pass” a couple days ago (stop reading right now and refer to the previous post if you haven’t read it yet😉), I couldn’t help but contemplate what exactly I think that would look like if it actually could happen in real life. And after a couple days it cameContinue reading ““Fast-Pass”…Be Careful What You Wish For”

Freaking Out

I am fairly certain I am going to get sued. I had to take a real estate class this past weekend and it completely freaked me out. Essentially, it was some great training inter-mixed with all the possible ways you could get fined or sued. I can’t believe I am still in business. There areContinue reading “Freaking Out”

“Serenity Now!”-Kramer

Deep breath. Deep breath. Deep breath. I have 2 other blog ideas that I was debating between this morning. I have been stockpiling them from personal experiences over the past week. I had foot surgery last week. My wonderful mom was here to drive me around, but when you have company, things just seem toContinue reading ““Serenity Now!”-Kramer”


This morning I have “blog brain”. I haven’t written in a few days, and I woke up writing blogs in my head. Here’s how I write: I have something God has shown me, either in life circumstances or in a reading, and i sit down and type it all in about 20 or 30 minutes…withoutContinue reading ““click””


Sheesh. I have been looking for a reading on “Soaking” in one of my books for about a half hour. I know it’s in there.  I simply can’t find it, which stinks, because I have been hoarding this topic for about 6 years and thought it was finally going to be put on “paper”. Well,Continue reading “Dino-Trivia”


Well, it seems I am going to be “forced” to trust God for 3 whole months. Yesterday I met with my Oncologist who told me no more bloodwork and he will see me in 3 months. So, let me get this straight. I have been getting bloodwork done (which means knowing my number white bloodContinue reading “DAILY”


There’s a well-known book that was written several years ago called, “Everything I need to know I learned in Kindergarten.” Well, after working there for 2 years, I would argue that “Everything I Need to Know I can Learn in Special Ed. Pre-School.”  I have a whole list of articles I plan to write basedContinue reading ““DO. YOUR. JOB.””

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