P.O.P.D. (Perfect Ornament Placement Disorder)

P.O.P.D. In case you missed my social media post, these initials represent a very serious, potentially debilitating, often contagious, disease that effects thousands annually: Perfect Ornament Placement Disorder. Over the years, much of the extreme cases have been lessened due to an inordinate amount of people turning to pre-lit and permanently decorated (fake) trees. CouldContinue reading “P.O.P.D. (Perfect Ornament Placement Disorder)”

A Thrill of Hope

Last month I did a book signing at Stepping Stones Bookstore in Iowa. The owner, my lovely new friend Mindy, let me take over the front of the store for the whole day and gave a lavish and gushingly grand testimony about my books to each and every customer (You can order from her storeContinue reading “A Thrill of Hope”

PEOPLE to the rescue

“Delivering help trumps offering hope any day of the week.” Peyton Manning Blake sent me this quote from a conference he was attending today. Peyton says it better than me, but I swear I was just making this point to a friend yesterday. I was expressing how grateful we are to have people, often peopleContinue reading “PEOPLE to the rescue”

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