So–it’s been about a week since I have last written. Here’s why: I convinced myself I had nothing enlightening to say. Worried that I had run dry of stories and insights into everyday kind of life. But, this morning, I had an epiphany. It came while I was watching squirrels. Yes. Squirrels. There were 5Continue reading “SQUIRRELS”


My daughter has had laryngitis this week. If you haven’t met her, she is 14 and LOVES to talk. A lot. It’s been torture for her; that is, until she discovered an APP that would make her phone speak for her. She would type (which she can do about as fast as she can speak)Continue reading “Dumb-Struck”

“Touch Red”

It’s been awhile since we have explored the lessons I learned working at a Special Ed Pre-School. In case you are new to my blog, I have a series of entries about how “Everything I Need to Know I can learn in Special-Ed Pre School.” I feel like I should make a disclaimer before IContinue reading ““Touch Red””

Easy Does It

Is it weird to say that I am excited that today I get to reflect on my Leukemia days?  Probably. But nevertheless… Back when I had Leukemia (shout out to God that i can say “had”), I had a pic-line in my arm for administering meds and chemo and for taking out my blood forContinue reading “Easy Does It”

“Live like you were dying”

I’ve been holding on to these stories for a few months. I didn’t really know how to make it something that would help anyone but me, until now. So, before I tell you what I came up with, let me tell you a few stories about how I thought I was going to die: ThisContinue reading ““Live like you were dying””

Today’s the Day

I have some new friends and some old friends. My “new” friends are people that I met during the Leukemia months. They include people like the nurse who came out and told me my blood counts 3 days a week. By the end of my treatments, we were legitimate friends. In the past 5 months,Continue reading “Today’s the Day”

Pray without ceasing…

While I was in the hospital for my last round of Chemo, I got to visit a friend who was in ICU following a heart attack. She is approximately my age and the fact that she survived is nothing short of a miracle. Besides a life threatening  event, we also shared something else; neither ofContinue reading “Pray without ceasing…”

Things Happen

Last week, as I waited for the results of my bloodwork (when they declared me “done”), one of my doctors saw me and came to congratulate me on the good news. He is a positive, energetic man from Pakistan. I just love him. He gave me a “word” to encourage me as I move onContinue reading “Things Happen”

Pain…the gift nobody wants

So, I have a cold and I FEEL like I have a cold. I consider this a good sign that my white blood cells are doing their job and that we are still “kickingleukemiainthebutt”.  I typically have to take my temperature frequently to make sure I don’t have a fever, indicating that I have anContinue reading “Pain…the gift nobody wants”


I think I might be dehydrated. I realized that I had only had about one glass of water in two days. I had some soda, lots of coffee, tea and cranberry juice, even though I was really thirsty for water. But, as a result of Chemo or medications, water taste bad. And the fact thatContinue reading “Dehydration….”

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