Unpacking EGO

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Confessions of my past life: The parking lot

Well. Here goes nothin’,,,, Actually, here goes something that has been lingering in the back of my mind since I started writing several years ago. Until today I have been too chicken to tell this story to the masses. I am still afraid, don’t get me wrong, but for whatever reason, I am sensing thatContinue reading “Confessions of my past life: The parking lot”

You go first

Someone’s gotta GO FIRST. It might as well be me. I have a confession to make: I watched the move “Bad Moms”. Yep. I was eating dinner while watching TV (another confession…sorry mom!) and it was on some chick-channel and I got sucked in. I am not necessary encouraging you to watch it (it wasContinue reading “You go first”

“What you think of me is none of my business.”

What other people think of me is crucial (good or bad). Other people’s success is a threat to mine (especially in areas that I wish to be successful). If I am not “as good as” someone else, I am inadequate. If you read my blog about a month ago (A Beautiful Beatdown), I listed aContinue reading ““What you think of me is none of my business.””

Ladder-Life: The Rungs of Comparison

One of my many character defects has been blowing me up lately. As far as I can tell, it has been triggered by a combination of new life-circumstances, some exciting and some frustrating. I have been involved in some opportunities relating to my blog/book which is very exciting. I have also been struggling at workContinue reading “Ladder-Life: The Rungs of Comparison”

Sneaky Perfectionism

I should know by now that in order for me to learn something, I have to experience first hand. Just knowing about it or reading about it don’t get it done for me. This week I rode the learning curve yet again. It came to a head while I was attempting to learn my altoContinue reading “Sneaky Perfectionism”

Party Pontifications

Good news! I did it. I left the party early. I know I shouldn’t have been there in the first place. That was my first mistake. But my guard was down and I just bounded into the room without thinking. It wasn’t long before I realized I was headed for a day filled with regretContinue reading “Party Pontifications”

“Green-eyed Monster”

The other night I was at my parent’s going through some memorabilia. I came across a picture i have been searching for in order to write this blog. So, I guess that means it’s time. In High School, I took a class called “Shakespeare”. I was in it with my best friend and we hadContinue reading ““Green-eyed Monster””

“Why I Hate You, in a nutshell”

A couple of months ago, when I wasn’t able to drive (post hospital recovery), my friend came and took me on an “outing”, like one would do for their aging grandma. When we got in the car she said, “So, here’s why I hate you, in a nutshell.” My offenses were all a result ofContinue reading ““Why I Hate You, in a nutshell””

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