Detachment…my favorite tool

We have a saying in our household: “our favorite ‘tools’ are a phone and a phonebook.” When something needs a fixn’, we have to call it in. This makes us pretty needy neighbors. We borrow a lot. But, hey, if you need a screw driver or hammer, we’re “here for you.” A couple of yearsContinue reading “Detachment…my favorite tool”


Even Wonder Woman can’t fight the effects of chemo all the time. Feeling sickish tonight so no original thoughts from me, just a reminder to myself and anyone else who might need it. A reminder of finding JOY regardless of circumstances. These words are from my favorite writer, Oswald Chambers. I am amazed that wordsContinue reading “Admission…”

Easter Miracles: Jesus is risen…and so have my blood counts!

Thank you to all who have been praying that I turn a corner and can go home for Easter. I haven’t talked to doctors to get the final word, BUT I know all my counts needed to go UP to get out. Check it out ( even though you may not understand what each ofContinue reading “Easter Miracles: Jesus is risen…and so have my blood counts!”

Happy pre-easter!

good words on a shirt from my sweet friend.  It seems i won’t be going home today. Need more blood and platelets and to raise my blood pressure. I told them i was going to watch a few violent movies or maybe documentaries on starving/mistreated children in Africa-those things make my blood pressure rise. SomeoneContinue reading “Happy pre-easter!”

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