Lost and Found

In 4 days my daughter and I, for her sixteenth birthday, are going to Paris. She has been looking forward to this for approx. 10 years. However, the original plan was to go with daddy. But, now that she is going to be 16, we are realizing there are just certain parts of a ParisContinue reading “Lost and Found”


Even if you are not a Bible scholar, there’s a good possibility that you have heard the story about Jesus’ parents leaving him behind when they headed home from their vacation. They actually travelled for an entire day before they realized he was missing (let’s just pause to contemplate how, even though my parenting couldContinue reading “Squatters”

Take a Deep Breath…

Just in case you are not a Med Student, let me take this time to explain how residency works (because having a team of them visiting me every day for 33 days straight makes me an expert 🙂 ). At the beginning of the month, a team of about 5 residents is assigned to aContinue reading “Take a Deep Breath…”

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