Expect vs. Hope

I don’t remember how, it just came to me. I was running when I had the thought that a three-part series on—spoiler alert—EXPECTATIONS might be an interesting topic for the next few podcasts of “Can I Have a Word With You?” We could cover expectations we have of ourselves, others and God. I suggested itContinue reading “Expect vs. Hope”

Start sharing

I have so much to write about it’s been hard to pick a topic today. I truly try to write about areas in which I am struggling or questioning or flare-ups of my character defects. Thus, quite an array of blog opportunities. But today, through a serious of unfortunate events, I now know exactly whatContinue reading “Start sharing”

Waiting for Christmas (to be over?)

We are in the Advent season. In this case, Advent is a religious term meaning “expectant waiting”, in case you have heard that term your whole life and are embarrassed to admit that you don’t know what that actually means. Specifically, it refers to the days of December leading up to Christmas. I love howContinue reading “Waiting for Christmas (to be over?)”

“Sick and tired…”

Regardless of what you think of Bill Cosby, you have to admit that he has some pretty hilarious insights into parenting. When I was little we had a cassette tape of Bill Cosby, “Himself”. He did a little bit about How his mother was always “sick and tired” of this and “sick and tired” ofContinue reading ““Sick and tired…””

Timing is everything

“The waiting is hardest part.” -Tom Petty (1950-2017) It feels like it’s been a long time since I wrote last. Which is interesting to me since I have been reflecting on the concept of “time and timing” over the past few days. These thoughts on timing came to me in a very profound and illuminatingContinue reading “Timing is everything”

“Don’t Give Up Until the Miracle Happens”

Have you ever heard the motivational slogan “Don’t give up until the miracle happens”? What miracle is that exactly? I am beginning to think I should give up; give up wishing and hoping for God to work things out according to my Will. Give up holding out for the miracle I ordered. In more simplistic,Continue reading ““Don’t Give Up Until the Miracle Happens””

In Due Time

I remember my first Mother’s Day as a brand new mom. It was only one week after I had my son Berkeley, who just turned 21 a week ago. How exciting it was to celebrate that day from a different vantage point. But I have to admit something to you; until he was in myContinue reading “In Due Time”

I See Those Hands…

Raise your hand if you have ever battled a potentially terminal disease or love someone who has or does? Now raise your hand if you struggle with the disease of addiction or love someone who has or does? And raise a hand if you’ve ever felt tormented by the effects of your own sin/evil/brokenness orContinue reading “I See Those Hands…”

The “Tuck-In”

Most of these thoughts occurred to me last night after I’d been asleep for an hour, so don’t hold it against me if they end up sounding ridiculous. Here’s how it went: One of my kids woke me because he couldn’t sleep and wanted to be “tucked in.” So, I sent him back to bedContinue reading “The “Tuck-In””

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