“Rephrase the Question”

I have only been called in for Jury Duty once. And sometime soon I will tell you how I managed to get my self selected for a trial (because apparently playful attempts at clever banter with the judge is “frowned upon” in a court of Law). But today I want to tell you a littleContinue reading ““Rephrase the Question””

“Eat This, Not That”

A few years ago a diet book came out called “Eat This, Not That”. Pretty self-explanatory. I think it would be hard to write an entire book outlining what should be common sense. Do we really need hard evidence that we should eat Strawberries (“this”), not Strawberry flavored ice cream (“that”) or baked potatoes (“this”),Continue reading ““Eat This, Not That””


The other day, as we were headed out the door for school, my daughter remembered that she needed shorts for her PE class. Black shorts and only black shorts. It was a Monday morning so our weekend laundry piles were still teetering on the dryer in the basement. We searched and searched like maniacs forContinue reading “Emergencies”

The “Good and Lovely” Game

Something I am realizing as I get older is that it is quite possible that even though my skin is sagging and my hair is a bit more silver, my insides might always remain about twelve—as in twelve years old. I remember being twenty and anticipating the day I turned 30. How I would finallyContinue reading “The “Good and Lovely” Game”

Party Pontifications

Good news! I did it. I left the party early. I know I shouldn’t have been there in the first place. That was my first mistake. But my guard was down and I just bounded into the room without thinking. It wasn’t long before I realized I was headed for a day filled with regretContinue reading “Party Pontifications”

Me Too

I was driving down the street, worrying, fretting and feeling overwhelmed with life in general, when out of nowhere I heard a voice. I was pretty sure it wasn’t God’s voice because the message wasn’t very nice. I heard it loud and clear: “I liked you better when you had cancer.” Before I could answer,Continue reading “Me Too”

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