Unpacking GRANTED

When you think of GRANTED what comes to mind? Maybe being taking or taken for? Or maybe received as a gift?In this episode, Bruce and Heather unpack the two ways this word can impact our lives.GRANTEDGreedy | GratefulRegardless | RespectedAssumed | AppreciatedNarcissistic | Not but for GraceTaken as owed | ThankfulExpected | EmbracedDemanded | DeeplyContinue reading “Unpacking GRANTED”

Happy pre-easter!

good words on a shirt from my sweet friend.  It seems i won’t be going home today. Need more blood and platelets and to raise my blood pressure. I told them i was going to watch a few violent movies or maybe documentaries on starving/mistreated children in Africa-those things make my blood pressure rise. SomeoneContinue reading “Happy pre-easter!”

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